Let me say hello


Hello there , SO my name is Lorraine and i have taken on kikliquid.com , From the website i am hoping you can see there has been some changes made to the layout of kikliquid , I am hoping that this has made it easier for people to navigate. Let me tell you a bit about myself ,

So i’m Lorraine and i have been around the Vaping sites for a while now and i am hoping to make kik liquid.com more out there , I’m 36 years of age and i like to vape myself so i know what flavours are good and some not so , I have tried nearly all of the kik Eliquids now and i have to say my favorite is super bubblegum , i like most of them but with every range there are some you wont like, The reason i am running this site is i really like the kik liquid range , i find the flavours are good and the vape itself isnt harsh on the throat at all and a big plus MADE IN THE UK , Always a plus to me ,

So thats about me i look forward to building the kikliquid.com and look forward to sending you guys some fantastic Eliquids , make sure you look out for offers and deals , and if there is anything i can help you with or you would like to see if we can get then drop me an Email @ vapourtoday@gmail.com


Enjoy your vaping and be blogging again soon X

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